wrapping up the month of october

by grace on November 20, 2017

this is from october 15th, capturing that magic moment when the sun lights up the other shore. hmm, that was taken at 6:12 p.m.  last night i was sitting here looking out at the lake and was pretty dark over there, at 5:02 p.m.  but before you know it the days will start getting longer!  trying to remain calm and optimistic in the face of encroaching winter…

the next day les was out and about…

…as winnie followed us while les batted at leaves in the water.

ok, so this is a big difference between kevin and me.  he’d finished ripping out the hot tub and was assuring me how strong the beams were that he’d put in – and then he started jumping on them, and pretended to fall!  i can’t even believe this picture, looking at it again.  because we all know that if it’d been me clowning around like that, other body parts would certainly have broken.

and the next day les was at it again.  lately he’s all about going down to the rocks.


the problem with that is he never, ever listens when i try to get him to come back up.  winnie always comes when i call, at least.

on this day kevin came out and whistled and les trotted right up to him.

i’m in love with this new sweater that zuri has, with the big fluffy pom pom.

and hey, halloween, the end of october!  randy coerced me into helping do concessions at a halloween fundraiser at muni.  it was an outdoor event and even though we were in the concession stand it was still mighty cold.  but i love this picture so much – that’s the beautiful and glamorous julie ratz, who i didn’t even recognize when she came in.  how funny is that?

i don’t remember who this guy is, except that he was dressed as some evil clown from some scary tv show that i’d never, ever think about watching.

and with that, VOILA, the end of october!  how quickly the year has disappeared…

ok then,

mrs. not gonna let the winter win hughes.


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