Wrapping up our trip to Seattle

by grace on July 18, 2022

Finally, finally, here are the last images and videos of the trip that Mom and I took to Seattle in April. Three months later, and this is it.

Monday April 18th I went for one final run, and this time it was chilly and rainy. This seagull didn’t mind.

It was cool to see the rain on the water.

I stopped to visit the sea lions one last time. They, too, were unperturbed by the chilly rain.

I watched as a fancy big catamaran passed a smaller boat.

We’d been to Golden Gardens park on our very first day, but only saw the beach section. I saw this wooded part on the map and wanted to drive there, because it was only a few minutes from our place. The woods looked interesting and inviting.

I just read about the woods on trip advisor and somebody posted in April that it’s not safe to hike around there because of all the tents set up, I’m guessing homeless people? We did see many homeless encampments around Seattle.

We drove over to visit Sharon and Michio one last time and he entertained us with his fantastic classical guitar-playing. He practices every night, which is of course critical to being good at something. Practice practice practice.

I took videos of all his pieces and this one is five whole minutes.

I taped only a portion of this piece and I was intrigued because I know it and have played it on the piano. What are the odds that I’ll play the video and find it by playing different pieces in the main piano book that I’ve played from? I literally cannot remember the last time I played the piano, so I guess the odds aren’t so good.

We were due at Stan’s house for dinner and he called while we were listening to the music. Stan’s best friend and his wife had flown in from D.C., had picked up pizza and were waiting for us. We bade Sharon and Michio a quick good-bye and sped across town to Stan’s.

I had to drive up the steepest hill I’ve ever encountered on the way, and I did get better at the hills of Seattle.

Once again, here’s the last image of Mom and Stan. Still sad that he’s gone, but at least he and Mom got to spend a good amount of time together.

While Mom, Stan and Stan’s friend were catching up I stepped out onto the back deck and saw this awesome pelican.

We got back to our place before dark and I stood outside for a while as another train passed.

When I went back in I don’t know why, but I looked at the little dining table more closely and realized that the top had an inlaid checkers/chess board on the top.

So I need to go back there for sure to play some checkers.

We got up early on Tuesday morning for our flight and here’s the last picture of the bay…

and the very last Seattle video.

We successfully made it to the airport and when we got to our gate people were lining up to board a flight to Hawaii. I’d noticed people on the escalator in shorts and flip flops and thought that a bit odd because it was so chilly that day. Hawaii, that’d be nice…

No plans for any trips right now. Hopefully, hopefully Kevin and I will get the chance to go somewhere, sometime, but besides the pandemic there’s of course the issue of having so many dang cats who need a lot of care and feeding.

But we’ll see…

Ok then,

Mrs. Finally Reaching the End of Seattle Photos Hughes.

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