wrapping up november…

by grace on December 15, 2017

Mom got an iphone!  a big one, and she’s very please with it, and is doing a great job of figuring out how to make it work.

lester scaling a stump on a november walk.

another beautiful lake view.

a bunny lives in the diminishing log pile, and les is always determined to chase him out.

i think this is my favorite photo of 2017.  it was a warm and sunny day, and les batted at leaves as the geese swam by.


randy’s cat pee wee, always stressed out…

My friend Toun at Bunn Gourmet.  i know i took pictures of it when i first went there, but every time it’s willy wonka-ness makes me smile.

toun was impressed too.

ok then!  that’s it for november.  there’s little chance of me posting the many many photos from december before the year is over, but that’s my goal anyway.

this morning kevin lugged the christmas tubs up from the basement, and i have a lot of work ahead of me today.  but it’s fun work and i think i’ll listen to the vince guaraldi charlie brown christmas album while decorating.

ok then,

mrs. time is running out for christmas prep hughes.


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