wrapping up july with kitties, as the state fair is about to start…

by grace on August 6, 2017

how is that possible, anyway?  why does time speed by so much more quickly as i get older?  how is it that the fair is starting on thursday?

it’s a strange day today; it’s usually hot and humid at the start of august but instead it’s cloudy and cool and i should be out running right now.

maybe later?


our cats beg for food, which is very very bad.  human food will make them have health problems, i’ve read that a lot.

and then this is what happens – chester so desperate for a bite of turkey.  so bad, but SO CUTE.

and the thing is, i buy ridiculously expensive treats for the diabetic cats that are 100% freeze-dried chicken, so why is actual turkey any worse?

this is another photo from that night with the amazing clouds.

and this is the full photo of the banner.

one morning this bug was hanging out in the yard.  i’ve never seen a bug like this and thought it pretty cool.

so did lester.

but he wasn’t that interested, and preferred lying in the grass.

winnie was happy for a comfy place to relax, if only for a while.

later that day i picked up a chair that had been turned upside-down by the wind and this tiny white caterpillar was sitting on the arm.  i thought it was dead but when i touched it, it moved.

les, inside the garden fence checking out the crop progress.

some cool japanese eggplant.

les loves to hang out on his tower overlooking our new giant window.  sometimes he’s facing the lake, but mostly he’s just sleeping.

we haven’t had  a lot of travel or excitement this summer, but it has been mostly peaceful and nice.

ok then,

mrs. maybe i won’t run today after all hughes.

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Tom.Audrey.Emma August 6, 2017 at 4:39 pm

Great photos and nope we’ve never seen a bug like that. At first we thought it was fake and kept re-reading the text.


grace August 6, 2017 at 7:08 pm

haha it totally looked fake to me, too! i sent the photo to my brother-in-law, who knows a lot about bugs and trees and lots of nature stuff – here’s what he wrote, “the long antennae and body shape are similar to the black pine sawyer, but i’m not sure what kind of beetle that is. maybe research under the genus monochamus, which is the group that has the sawyers.”
so of course i didn’t do that!


grace August 6, 2017 at 7:14 pm

ok, i spent two minutes looking it up – i just looked up genus monochamus, which turned up many many beetles of all varieties, then i typed in “brown beetle white spots,” and almost instantly found a photo. it’s called an Ivory-marked Longhorn Beetle, or Eburia haldemani, according to somebody’s website which is chock full of bugs, the site it called easttennesseewildflowers.com.

you can literally find anything on the internet. if you have a spare 30 seconds.


sage August 16, 2017 at 1:03 pm

Dont care what kind of bug it is I think it is cute for a bug.


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