Wrapping up July, mostly with kitties…

by grace on September 11, 2020

We went out on the boat yet again on July 16th and went farther into the infamous “hot ditch” next to the power plant than i’d ever been. usually there are plenty of fishing boats because the water is so warm there but since it was a week day, nobody else was around.

a short video of the power plant, and i love this still of mom!

here’s our lone crocosmia, the flower i’ve written about before. we saw many of them in ireland and wales and i bought many, many seeds and a few came up but this is the only one that has bloomed more than once. it’s surrounded by lilacs which i think protect it from the winter wind and cold.

We were back out on the boat again on July 19th and what a beautiful evening…

and again on July 20th! i forgot that we’ve been out on the boat so much this year.

Lovey! she’s getting slightly less freaked out by me as the days progress. in a few years maybe she’ll let me pet her. we’ll see.

Riley, darling in the heated cat house that Kevin put in the living room.

Goldfinch on top of the hummingbird feeder. i think there were actually two of them out that day.

Lester in his basket! i can’t remember how this basket ended up in the living room but it’s one of les’s favorite places now. he’s in it as I type this, as a matter of fact, nodding off because he has such a very busy life/

This doesn’t happen too often. Sweetie generally regards the other cats as her enemies although sometimes i think she likes for them to chase her. but sometimes she’ll start batting at them in an aggressive manner, so it’s nice that she was sharing her spot on the shelf with Riley.

and here she is emerging from the upside down clothes basket special tower we have in the living room.

and now i’m realizing tht our living room is pretty much a kitty haven, with the upside down clothes basket tower and the other basket and the heated kitty house and the steps up to the kitty condo. we’ve talked about constructing some kind of kitty highway around the top of the walls, which would be even more fun.

and that’s it for July. my plan, which will probably change, is to post just a few photos so i can get caught up…

and so it goes.

ok then,

mrs. 9/11 day hughes.

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