wrapping up august, as fall is upon us…

by grace on September 25, 2017

i took this on august 15th, when we were taking the boat out of the water yet again for repairs.  there’s kevin, walking up to the house to get in the van and drive over the bridge to pull the boat out.  it’s funny, because today we took the boat out for the season.

also funny because it feels like the middle of august, not the end of september.  it’s a little odd, as the leaves start to change color and fall off the trees, and yet right at this very moment it’s 94 degrees but feels like 96!  which is why i’m sitting in the air conditioning.

gull on a buoy.  sometimes herons perch there, and i’m always amazed at their balance.

kevin did all the work as i sat there in the captain’s chair.

i love the re-blooming lilacs.  they did really well this year despite getting eaten to the ground by the crazy hungry beavers over the winter.  maybe they’ve moved on this year?  maybe they’ve lost their taste for lilac?  time will tell.

the boat was not working much more than working this year.  here it is still at our repair guy josh’s, with a brand new (used) motor.  i was very excited about this, except then we still had issues but josh kept making house calls to repair it.  then it got really hot, so not enough time was spent on the boat by me.  must change that next year!

so many half-finished projects…here’s mom’s patio, with so many weeds growing through the cracks between the bricks.  it seems like bad design to me.  i used amy and jim’s blowtorch to get rid of them, but i think i wore myself out on this day.  i was hoping there would be a lot of rain and i could pull them, but that hasn’t happened yet.

meanwhile…she has a whole different patio around the back and the grass was so tall that you could barely see the bricks!  the thing about this patio is that nobody would probably ever sit there anyway.

i looked after randy’s kitties while he took a short trip.  they’re cute, of course, and here they seem to actually like each other.  the giant Pee Wee, in grey, does always want to play with miss kitty, but she hates him a lot.

so cute!

pee wee had a nice box in the dining room but randy didn’t want a box cluttering up his fabulous space, so he put it in the garage.  i got it back out for the poor little deprived kitty.  he just wants a box, that’s all!  not too much to ask!

miss kitty preferred the comfy bed.

one morning i went with jill to take her dogs for a walk and came across a tree full of these interesting berries.  i looked them up online and finally found that they’re the fruit of something called a Kousa Dogwood.  the fruit is supposed to be delicious.  i didn’t try it.

here’s what the tree looks like.  i saw this tree the day after i’d seen the first one, and i wish i’d have picked some of those berries.

one more darling photo of pee wee…

…and sweet lester, ready for bed…

and BOOM, end of august already!

september, plenty has happened in september, including going to see yet another performance of herman’s hermits!

soon, soon…

ok then,

mrs. sitting around on a monday afternoon hughes.


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Tanja (the Red phone box travels) October 14, 2017 at 2:51 am

love all the cat photos on your blog:)


grace October 15, 2017 at 4:16 pm

thanks, tanja! they’re very photogenic!


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