by grace on October 28, 2011

DID YOU SEE THE GAME?  it was UNBELIEVABLY EXCITING, one of the most historic ever, according to an article i just read.  first, there were all kinds of crazy things – a ranger tripped into the base and really hurt his ankle, another guy leapt over another player, all kinds of stuff that was interesting to watch.

when the score was 7-4 in favor of texas in the 7th inning, kevin decided to go to bed cause he was falling asleep.  i told him i’d keep him informed…

but then, the cardinals tied it at the end of the 9th, and they started the 10th inning…i ran into the bedroom and told kevin and he responded.  again, the rangers got out ahead, but somehow the cardinals managed to tie the 10th, too…ecstatic, i hurried in to tell kevin again…

and then, i was also fighting to keep my eyes open, didn’t think that the cardinals could possibly do it in the 11th…and BOOM, freese hit a home run!  unbelievable! for the last time i told kevin, THEY WON!

he was enthusiastic.

this morning, he said, “you didn’t try to tell me that they won, did you?”

yep, plus more!

no, he didn’t remember me coming in to the bedroom AT ALL.

i told him he needs to take lots of vitamins today so he can STAY AWAKE tonight for the 7th game.

or maybe he should just take aspirin – last night it said on the news that now aspirin can do huge things in preventing colon cancer.

soon, i’m pretty sure, they’ll realize that aspirin can CURE ANYTHING – cancer, malaria, typhoid, bubonic plague, brain tumors, hemmoroids, ingrown toenails, broken bones, the common cold…

of course, then everybody in the world will be so healthy, and the drug companies will collapse plus the whole medical profession will just go away…hmm, that should be interesting.

meanwhile, WHOO HOO, GAME SEVEN!  something to look forward to tonight…

ok then,

mrs. new cardinal fan hughes.

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