by grace on January 21, 2015

and things are good.  here are the final, final photos from 2014.  let’s be done with it already!

just a few xmas photos – i’ve noticed that many, many people still have their xmas decorations up still.  get over it, people!

here’s a happy xmas story…ever since november, when they started having lightning deals on amazon, i’d been spending too much time every day looking through all the stuff.  and then i saw a portable disc golf basket thing.  a target…it was a little pricey, but a good sale price, and i asked kevin if he thought jim would like it.  kevin said, yeah, sure…but we knew jim already had one.

so i started reading the online reviews, and a couple of people, or at least one person, said they liked having two targets so they could have one at either end of the yard.  this made sense.  so i texted amy and asked her, but she said she didn’t think he’d want another one.

but i read a little more, and people were really raving about this particular item, so i went ahead and bought it.

it arrived and sat on the floor of our living room for a very long time and the kitties had a wonderful time playing in the box…and i’d look a it every now and again and wonder if we’d done something really stupid, a big purchase for something that jim might not even want.  but we agreed he could always return it and get something he really did want.

so, xmas morning, i think we might have given jim a little something else, i can’t remember, and the huge box, now gift-wrapped was still lying in back of the couch and jim hadn’t even noticed it.  i dragged it over to him and he opened it and was ESCTATIC.  and EUPORHIC!

wow!  what a great surprise, for him and for us.  he said he’d texted a disc golf friend that morning, joking that he hoped he get one of these specific targets, never expecting that he’d actually get one!

it was even the color he wanted!

so that made it a good christmas for everybody.

i got amy a big box of wax melts…the day i ordered them from a company i know she loved, she informed me that she was tired of spending money on them, that they weren’t worth it, that she was going to make her own.  i mean, she texted this to me literally within the hour after i’d placed the order.  but i decided not to worry, and she hasn’t started making her own wax tarts yet, thank goodness, so she was also happy with her gifts.

i found this funny box at a weird store in town that’s only open around the holidays.  it’s covered in what is kind of like astroturf, and i loved it and i hope kevin does, but right now i see it lying on top of a cabinet so it’s obviously not as spectacular a gift as the disc golf target or the wax.  i did get him some other stuff that he liked, and he gave me many nice presents, but we really didn’t need anything cause we were about to go to a WARM CLIMATE.

jim immediately started putting the basket together, putting an end to any interest he might have had in any other gifts that anybody got.

ta da!

mom, always ready to smile for the camera, and always pretty cheerful anyway.

we got numie and noodle another toy, because they’re always eager for one.

winnie enjoyed one of the catnip mice that the other kitties got – kevin only got two of them, figuring that winnie isn’t so interested in the toys anymore, but he did love that catnip.

and now, soon, many, many photos of florida, where it was warm and sunny the whole darn time.

ok ok ok,

mrs. wednesday afternoon hughes.

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