TWO days til xmas…

by grace on December 23, 2018

…I’m just saying. not a huge amount of time for getting ready.

not huge.

some might say, not much time at all.

i’m not one of those people.

I guess i don’t have that much to do, not very many people to buy gifts for, i guess i’m done with that. i felt like i did an ok job of baking cookies but then amy told me about a family friend who always makes many cookies, and this time she made 17 kinds.

uh huh.

so, december…a little busy. here’s mom and me visiting with the lincolns as we strolled around a saturday holiday walk. that was early in december and it was crazy warm and lovely that day.

it was so so warm that i put up the outside lights very early. here’s what they looked like before the sun set…

…and here they are after it went down.

so, every year i get more and more and more xmas catalogs. last year they piled up about a foot high and i didn’t manged to leaf through a single one, and finally chucked the whole lot into the recycle at around march or april.

for some reason i made good progress on the catalogs this years, and one catalog in particular delighted me. it’s called, and so many of the things were tea towels or whatever printed with really funny sayings. there are plenty of things with sayings, but i laughed out loud at many of them.

here are just a couple.


many more things in december but i have to get off the couch right this very minute cause there are still quite a few things to do.

ok then,

mrs. really going to spend some time posting in the next couple of days hughes. but only in theory.

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