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by grace on August 20, 2010

i keep taking pictures, but then i don’t sit down long enough to put them up here, so i’m trying to KEEP UP.

here’s winnie, constantly trying his best to chill out.

the lake was just so sparkly and glistening and beautiful on sunday morning.

and here are the hostas which are blooming like crazy.

the enormous hostas in back of the deck.

even though it was insanely, crazy hot last week, and so humid that sweat was dripping off my face, we had to plant the many many day lilies we bought last weekend at the fabulous sale at washington park.  we bought about nine bags, i think, and each bag had multiple plants.  LOTS AND LOTS of lilies.  we went the weekend before the weekend we just had.  so technically, two weekends ago.  MAN the summer continues to shoot by in an alarmingly rapid rate.

anyway, the big liles on the left and right were there already – dad planted them quite a while ago.  we planted about seven more, and spread the last of the red mulch we had.  we’ll spread much more mulch next spring.  it was really hard to dig up the many many things growing around the tree – many of the weeds had turned into little trees, and it was a struggle to dig out the roots.  this area had been one big forest of stuff before we started digging.

kevin tore out some of the shrubs along the side of the deck (DON’T TELL DAD!!!!!!), and we planted these little bushes plus lots more lilies.  at first we planted about six of them, then amy came over to observe what i was doing.  this is where i planted the first clump and she read that they were TOO CLOSE TOGETHER.  ugh, i didnt’ want to dig them up and move them.  she said “that’s ok, you can move them in a couple years.”  the next morning, though, i decided i didn’t want to have to do it in a couple years, when they would be bigger, so i pulled them up and re-planted.  she then showed me a MUCH MUCH EASIER way to dig a hole.  i had been doing it all wrong, and so that first day of digging i did much more work than i needed to do.  at least she was there to show me.

last year we had exactly one peach growing on the two peach trees down by the water, and eventually that peach just vanished.  the year before we’d had a huge crop.  this year there are quite a few, so on wednesday i started picking.

they’re so beautiful.

this is the nifty peach picker, perfect for reaching the high ones.  it’s maddening when they’re so high that i can’t even reach them with the picker.  there are now quite a few peaches on my screen porch, and a lot in the fridge, and still more to be picked on the tree.

this beautiful peach has been picked, and maybe even eaten already.  i just ate one that was on the porch that must have fallen on the ground; it was really soft in places.  it was delicious.

beautiful shimmery lake.  there are quite a few peaches hanging out over the water, but i think if we try to pick them from the boat, the boat would crash into the rocks.  surely there’s a solution to this vexing problem.

ah, more lilies i planted.  this is sort of a terrible picture; the lilies are down there on the lower right, and then there are two little lilacs, and more lilies that you can’t possibly see on the upper left.

last week amy was outside and saw a guy on a riding mower out in the grass in the lane.  suddenly the guy screamed, jumped off the mower and ran away…and the mower was still running.  we surmised that he’d run over a  hornet nest.

that must be what happened, because here’s part of a nest that kevin found out there.  i know that hornets are bad and sting you and all of that, but isn’t this beautiful?  i mean, they create these delicate nests, and the material looks and feels just like paper.  it’s really extraordinary.  maybe i’ll have to throw away the nest now that i’ve taken a picture of it.

kevin is now telling me how a hornet builds a nest:

“they chew plant fibers, then take that mixed in with their saliva and spit that out along the edge where they’re working – the different variations are because they’re getting different plant fibers they get as they build the nest, and that’s what makes it like paper.”

he added that he didn’t bring back the innermost comb of the nest because there were live larvae inside, and they’d have hatched in the house.  this would have been problematic.

we went outside this morning to see if the inner comb part was still on the ground, but it had been mowed over.  but they hornets have been hard at work building a new nest.

one lone hornet came crawling out to get his picture taken.

we had quite a day at the fair yesterday; it was really hot and sunny, and we walked around a lot and when we got home i couldn’t figure out why i was so exhausted.  this morning when my calves were sore it dawned on me that we did lots and lots of walking.

i’ll be posting the photos later, maybe when i take a break from the many activities today.

ok then,

friday grace.

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