tree-cutting-down continued

by grace on September 2, 2018

taking down the silver maple took up most of the day on Wednesday, august 22nd.  after making quick work of the tall locust tree, they started in.  I have some photos, but I think the videos are more interesting.  here’s the first giant branch coming down.

the buy in the bucket, I wish I knew his name – he was so expert at his job, and in this video it shows how hard all the guys have to work.  at the end, the guys are hurrying around dragging the giant branches.

this is the longest video, as another gigantic branch goes down – but this one gets stuck on other branches, and it was amazing to watch the guy cut them apart.

at the end of this video they’re having some kind of disagreement – this might be when a branch hit part of our fance, crumpling it.  but they came back early the next morning and did an A+ job of repairing it.

ok, that’s all the videos so far – I have three more for next time, and that’s all the tree-cutting videos for now.

it’s amazing to me that it all happened less than two weeks ago – the day after the trees were cut down I bought a bunch of grass seed and planted it, after kevin tilled up the bare earth, and the grass is growing tremendously.  i’m getting more used to not having that tree out back (somebody pointed out that we still have a lot of trees), but I think we’re going to have to hang some curtains over our giant window.

this will make bev very happy when she comes back to cat-sit, because she hates the thought of people being able to see into the house.  all that’s out there are deer, more deer, raccoons, and the occasional bunny.  plus chipmunks.  but curtains will make her happy.

ok then,

mrs. sunday hughes.



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