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by grace on December 16, 2010

photos from monday, SO LONG AGO…on sunday as the storm raged i resolved NOT TO GO OUTSIDE AT ALL on monday.  but monday morning the sun was shining over the lake, there was a mist on the water, and i was compelled go to out and take some pictures.

it wasn’t that long ago when we were sitting in those bright chairs, having a weinie roast, with a roaring fire…it would be a little too cold to do that now.  plus very hard to get the fire to light.  hey, i just remembered – kevin left an axe down there.  hmm, if you read this, honey, maybe you’d better bring it inside.  maybe i’ll do it the next time i’m down there.

mollie was really ready to GET BACK INSIDE.

i forgot to take this one picture of the decorations – a few years ago i bought many, many little houses that you have to paint yourself.  finally, last year i painted one of them.  it turned out well, but it was kinda time-consuming.  i’m dying to have one of those big spaces with a bunch of little houses and trees, like other people have – one problem is that i have no big surface to put them on.  this one house and these trees look OK on a bookcase, but if i have too many they won’t fit.


i do have a red barn out and ready to go, because it’s mostly just red.  the other cute little buildings i bought have many more colors and would therefore take lots and lots more time.  maybe i should work on them after christmas, when there aren’t gobs of cookies to bake.

that is all for now.  i want to show you the photos i took on tuesday, because the lake froze overnight.  interesting to see the quick change.  soon…

ok then,

mrs. thursday counting down till xmas hughes.

Kev December 16, 2010 at 5:55 pm

hmmmmm – I’ll get the axe in the morning… I was , ummmm, errrrr, welll, oh, I remember, I was trying to give it an old timey patina so I can take it to reenactments with me and it’ll look like it’s from the 1860’s, that’s why it’s still down there…

grace December 17, 2010 at 8:40 am

good idea, honey!

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