by grace on June 14, 2012

i did title this entry “wednesday, again,” but then it dawned on me that it’s thursday, not wednesday.  yesterday i spent the day putting mulch all around the outside of the duplex…21 bags in all.  today, total exhaustion.  what do people do who have to do hard physical labor each and every day?  for some reason i keep thinking of the poor people in north korea, the ones who they throw into prison camps and force to do hard labor til they die, plus they don’t give them enough food to eat.

do you ever think about the fact that we’re so very, very lucky to be born who and where we are?

deep thoughts on thursday. not wednesday.

the other day amy and her niece samantha planted lots of flowers.  it looks like sam was having a mighty fine time.

jungle kitty.

the other jungle kitty, looking like he’s posing.

numie and noodle, who look like i feel at this very moment.

ditto chester, who is lying in almost that very same position right this very moment.

the goslings are getting big.

kevin noticed that there was a heron on top of the boat, as well as one on the dock.

and then one of them changed position.  they don’t move so much, the herons.

but then the one on the dock scrunched down – maybe he was taking a nap.  hard to say.

and by the way, my aunt sandy is auditioning for a MEL BROOKS MOVIE.  it’s not a comedy, unfortunately, cause she’s a very funny person, but it’s a mel brooks-produced horror movie.  even if she doesn’t get the part, and who knows how many people will be competing with her, i think it’s awesome that mel brooks will see her audition tape!  so keep your fingers crossed for her.

that’s all for this thursday.

ok then,

mrs. h.

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