by grace on December 10, 2010

that was the sound of a bird hitting the window as i sat here on the couch this morning.  it slid down the window and i thought it surely must have died.  i opened the window and looked down, but saw no dead birds.  pretty soon a dove rustled around in the bushes and flew away.  birds are pretty sturdy, really.

i went outside to take some pictures and mollie was, of course, desperate to come with me.

here’s the geese before being disturbed by my big dog.

a few of the ferns i planted last summer still look so bright green, when almost everything else is brown or at least not this vibrant.  a couple of the ferns are all shriveled up, but i’m very happy with these.

we went down to the dock, where there’s a tiny bit of ice.

here are the geese, disgruntled because they had to go out on the lake.

i looked over a few yards down and saw something over there in the bushes.  i figured it must be a deer, even though it was hard to see because i was looking into the sun.  there was a deer; as a matter of fact, there were three.  one is right over the dock, in the middle.  the other one you can see is just to the left of the white pole; it’s ears are up, and it is looking over at me because it heard me.  you can’t see the third deer.

i think the only deer you can see here is the one by the dock.

the deer is in between the box and the white pole.

here it is, zoomed in a little.  it’s right in front of that box.  i was surprised to see all the deer brazenly walking around in somebody’s yard in broad daylight.

farther away were a gaggle of geese.

mollie continues busily foraging.

it’s funny how i walk down to the dock and it seems like nothing is going on, but if i just stay there for a while, there’s all kinds of nature activity.

i have to do many, many things now.  i hope your friday is a good one.

ok then,

mrs. friday hughes.

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