Things not so great on this blustery Friday.

by grace on March 23, 2018

Winnie hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday morning, so that has put us on edge. Kevin just talkedto the vet, who says it’s probably  because of the pancreatitis, so they are giving us more drugs for him.

So hopefully things are not as dire as they have seemed all morning.

Also, always having a plan of trying to defeat a cold by sheer strength of my will is an utter failure as usual.  Instead of being better today, I am feeling worse.

It is supposed to rain all weekend, but at least we’re not going to have the snow that they’re going to get just north of us, plus we don’t live in the Northeast for their  constant horrible storms. Right now I see a boat out on the lake, and that guy must be very chilly.

My computer is definitely bad, and I have received the windows 10 disk in the mail, and will have that installed. So that will be super fun I’m sure, learning to use windows 10 which nobody ever has anything good to say about.

On a happy note – Riley and Lester continue to have a great time together. And there goes yet another boat!

Ok then,



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