the time between the trips…

by grace on March 26, 2017

here are a few photos i took in between going to NYC and then to the south.

first, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MOM!  she celebrated her birthday while i was gone, and then we had another birthday dinner for her on the saturday in between trips.  amy had made her a couple of lemon desserts – some kind of pie and lemon brownies.  but i’d assumed these were for her first celebration, so the day after i got back from new york i baked her a lemon cheesecake.

so she wasn’t lacking for birthday desserts.

kevin and i bought her a notebook for her birthday but she hasn’t really used it yet but hopefully today i’ll help her get it up and running and she can have lots of computer-type fun.

saturday i spent some time making stuff for her birthday dinner, and i started packing again.  i was tired on sunday, and luckily amy wanted me to babysit her puppies for a while, so that was a peaceful respite.

laz attentively stood guard, protecting us from any potential marauders.

sadie isn’t about to bite my face, as it may appear…she was also keeping guard.  such a fierce little dog!

but then she almost immediately relaxed.

and then everybody fell asleep.  whew.  four of the five dogs were lying on me, but one was buried under a blanket.  a good time was had by all.

later in the day les and i had to take a walk in the yard and he started furiously batting at a leaf in the choppy water.  i wish i’d taken a video because he was very intent on it and got very wet.  he didn’t care.

a daffodil!

here’s the front of the house that sunday, march 5th…

(this is one of the two weeping pussy willow trees we bought last year)

…and here’s how it has progressed as of yesterday. so bloomingly cheerfuly now.

plus, this big bradford pear is in bloom, and i feel like it’s pretty early this year.  yesterday i was thinking that i need to hurry up and order a bunch of mulch, but it’s only march.  there’s time.

and now, i’m somewhat dismayed to realize i took about a million photos of our travels south, so i must get to work picking out just a few of them.  always a big challenge for me.

i hope your weekend is going swimmingly.

ok then,

mrs. sunday morning hughes, really about to go running this morning, as opposed to yesterday when i never did make it out the door after all.



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