The Ringling Museum & Mansion

by grace on March 3, 2023

As I wrote previously, the Ringling Museum was a five-minute drive from the Sarasota Airport, so after I figured to put the electric car in drive, we headed right over. Since Ringling had made his fortune while abusing animals for so many years, that aspect of it made me not want to go, but at the same time, I had vague memories of visiting the museum when I was a kid. So off we went.

The grounds are huge and beautiful.

I’d stuffed our capri pants in my backback on the plane and we went into the bathroom to change out of our warm long pants. It was a sunny, hot day. When I put on my capris they seemed much looser than they’d been which seemed odd, but I focused on seeing the stuff in the museum.

Mom in the picture…

I found this mannequin disturbing but loved the dress.

It’s “Puss in Boots.”

The museum had two buildings and we sat down for a few minutes to rest in between. As we sat on the bench I glanced over at mom’s pants and realized they were skin-tight. I’d switched the capris. We had to make another trip to the bathroom and both of us were much more comfortable.

I’m a sucker for an old train and this train car was spectacular.

I can’t imagine a full bathroom in a train.

Here it is from the outside. Kind of sad that it just sits in a museum, never to be used again.

We had to hustle through the museum because it was going to close soon. I don’t recall ever getting off a plane and immediately visiting an attraction. I’m sure more ambitious people do it all the time, but it was a bit tiring, especially for Mom because it was a hot and humid day, plus she hadn’t really done any walking since being run over in December. The mansion was quite a distance from the museum but she managed to make it there, because she’s Bette Go. Beautiful photos to follow.

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