the rest of our trip to chicago…

by grace on January 12, 2019

whew, i really need to get back at this; need to finish up 2018 already!

We had a massive snowstorm last night, maybe 8-10 inches? so now i’m able to sit around for quite a while.

i took this photo of the building, lights and the moon as we strolled down michigan ave in chicago. the moon looked better in real life, as it always does.

it was a mighty long walk back to the Palmer House, but we stopped at the original Lou Malnatti’s pizza and had a delicious dinner.

we walked past the christmas market and for some reason it wasn’t quite as packed as it had been earlier in the day. we were able to actually step inside the fence, and were able to make our way – but there wasn’t a good option for actually getting close enough to any of the stalls to examine the wares. oh well, next time!

by the time we got back to the hotel it felt like midnight, and i think it was maybe 7:00. i roamed around looking at stuff, including their massive workout place. this is just part of the main workout room; there were also many other room where they held classes and stuff.

it was completely deserted. i took a photo of one of the funny pictures hanging there – lots of long-time-ago photos.

along all the corridors of the hotel were photos of celebrities who had performed there. i liked this one of sonny and cher – this was so long ago that cher had all of her real parts.

the lobby was so gorgeous.

it was crowded with people, but when we left early on sunday morning to catch the train there weren’t many people about. here’s the view from the top of the escalator…

…and the view in reverse.

the peacock doors, which were created by Tiffany. i found an interesting blog post about the doors:

we hurried by this jewelry store on the corner, and i took this photo because i vaguely felt it was somehow important…did mom buy dad her engagement ring there? now that she’s reading this blog, maybe she’ll figure out how to leave a comment. you never know.

we were back in springfield midday, so it was a super-speedy but fun little getaway.

but that only brings me to the middle of december…must keep posting…must keep posting…

ok then,

mrs. hughes 2019.

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Mom January 13, 2019 at 1:39 pm

Hi Grace the jewelry store was cd peacock and that’s where your dad bought my wedding ring back in 1959.


grace January 13, 2019 at 1:43 pm

Thanks, mom!


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