the rest of 2019, kitties of course

by grace on January 20, 2020

Sweetie got real brave in December and sat up on the kitty house. sometimes she’s brave, sometimes she spends her time up in the upstairs bedroom. when i got up this morning she was right here but then she decided she needed to be back upstairs.

kevin bought all the kitties two different catnip socks each. they were all thrilled! he also got one for mom’s cat Hobbs which was really nice of him. she, too, was happy to get a christmas present for once.

Sweetie was very excited and played with her sock a lot. of course i don’t know where any of them are by now.

new year’s eve excitement as riley jumped into a sack while sweetie devoured some food. yep, we went crazy around here for new year’s eve…

Actually, Kevin suggested that we watch “when harry met sally” on new year’s eve. it wouldn’t have been my choice, but then we watched it and it was so fantastic, as always. a nice evening, in spite of me being sick.

ok then,

mrs. finally it’s 2020 hughes.

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