Well, so much happened after we got back from Seattle in April, but this is all I have for the rest of April – first, Spot so happy to follow me over to Mom’s house, and he would have gone right into her house if I’d let him.

I was just not thinking about how that cat is an eternal optimist, because Kevin and I went down to the vegetable garden to see how nicely the plants are progressing and Spot followed us and plopped himself down in the dirt, but then sprung back up when I called him. He had the choice to either follow Kevin to the front yard where Kevin was hard at work installing windows on his sailboat, or he could follow me up onto the deck. He knew that I wouldn’t let him inside but of course he continues to be hopeful that this would be the day.

We put my boat in the water so early this year, April 28th, but then because of different things we didn’t even up going out til June. Oh well, we’ve been out a few times anyway and I intend to go out a lot in the coming week because the temps will be in the reasonable 80s.

The last day of April, deer were enjoying nibbling from a bird feeder.

I’ve just spent an incredibly frustrating week, dealing with the prednisone I got from going to urgent care on Sunday. I can’t recall taking it before, and it messed me up so much. I was kind of wired on Monday and then couldn’t sleep much and as the week progressed I felt worse, queasy and light-headed and exhausted and unable to sleep. Thank goodness I took the last two of them on Friday morning and last night I slept over nine hours. I’m still not feeling 100% normal, but at least much better.

Meanwhile the cardiologist’s nurse called to tell me that I have Atrial Tachycardia, which they determined after I only wore that wretched heart monitor for four days. This is better than Atrial Fibrillation, but do I really have it anyway? I know that when I was wearing the monitor those four days, I was out in the sweltering heat pulling weeds and mulching like crazy and the monitor kept coming un-stuck because it was so hot.

Maybe the spikes in heart rate were due to that? They prescribed me a beta blocker which will slow my heart down and I haven’t started taking it yet because I was worried about taking that plus the awful prednisone. I guess I’ll start tonight, but I don’t have a good feeling about it. I have an appointment with the cardiologist in a few weeks and maybe I won’t have to keep taking the drug?

It’s been a bizarre summer so far of weird and incredibly annoying medical things. I want to get past all of that already.

ok then,

Mrs. past the middle of summer Hughes.