the move

by grace on April 24, 2012

i’m not getting to mom and dad’s anytime soon to take pictures of how FANTASTIC their house looks already, so here’s what it looked like on moving day.

the front hall, with all the moving protective stuff down.  now there’s a beautiful barrister bookcase in the hall, and a lovely cabinet full of asian antiques there at the end of the hall.  i wrapped up each and every one of the many, many antiques and packed them, and then i had the privilege of unwrapping and arranging them in the cabinet again.

mom’s office.  she didn’t have her own office before, but this one is great – on the back wall is her vast and eclectic display of cats.

the spare bedroom, which looks slightly better than this now, but it’s the only room where there are still tubs lying around.

dad’s office, which now looks great.  damn, i wish i could go take pictures today to show you, but i don’t think i’ll have the time.

documented photo of MOM CLEANING, in their bedroom, which is very nice now.

the long hallway.

isn’t it a big back yard?   plus people with (friendly) dogs live on every side of them.  shortie and giz are in doggie heaven cause of this, plus they love being able to go out and romp all the time.

such a gorgeous tree.  and there’s the gazing ball, one of the many things that their old neighborhood association complained about.  yes, they complained about a gazing ball.

the kitchen, which is also in good shape now.  that’s their fancy new black fridge, and they bought a new black dishwasher to match, which is so fancy that there are no buttons on the front, only on the top inside so it looks more like a sleek black cabinet.  plus i love their cooktop; it would be a perfect place to shoot a cooking show because of the open floor plan.

who knows, maybe i’ll have time after all to take some photos today.  but since i actually don’t have time for this typing, maybe not.

ok then,

mrs. h.

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