the last day of 2010 was a good one…

by grace on January 1, 2011

i wanted to sit around outside all day.

by morning, all the lousy snow had melted. i sat down at the dock and enjoyed the weather.

mollie was right there with me.

i wish you could have been there too, to feel how great it felt to be outside.  i tried to capture it for you in this video.

here’s where i was sitting.

here are a couple other shots of these chairs, not looking so inviting…i took this on december 13th, when we had some snow…

…and this on christmas day, when we had a lot more snow.

i love this tipped-over christmas tree on our neighbor’s dock.

it was overcast, but there were some blue skies peeking through.

and when the snow melted, there was plenty of green greenery underneath.  here are the black-eyed susans we planted last summer.  they didn’t get very big because we planted them so early, but they’re still thriving.  i have high hopes for them next summer.

new year’s eve was fairly low-key.  amy and jim came over for a while, with a few other people, and we played “catchphrase,” girls vs guys.  we won, naturally, even though the guys kept picking the “history buff” category and i don’t think we ever guess one of them correctly.

numie and noodle also graced us with their presence.  at first they were as excited as you’d expect them to be, and numie managed to slither up onto the table enough to snag a couple cookies, but eventually they mellowed out.

here’s garrick and janice’s first new year’s kiss at midnight as a married couple!  actually, we had to re-create this since i was busy kissing kevin at midnight.

mollie was also all wound up.

here we are, looking all happy, but at this point i’d have to say we were both mostly asleep.

ok then,

mrs. first day of the year hughes.

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