the end of the tree…

by grace on September 4, 2018

here are two more videos of Mund Enterprises taking down our trees, plus some photos.

Something I didn’t get on tape was when a giant branch smacked into the bucket where the guy was – a part of the bucket fell off, but not an important one.  luckily it didn’t cause the guy to fall out.

in this short video, the guy cuts one log.

later in the day, they quickly swoop in on some kind of tractor thing to take away another giant branch.

this wasn’t the final bit of tree getting cut down, and it’s not even the last video I took, but this is the last one i’ll put up here.  this one is particularly amazing because the guy cuts this huge branch and there’s no rope on it, and yet it doesn’t crush anything.

one of the giant branches hit the ground vertically and was lodged upright for a while. I don’t know why I didn’t get a photo.

here’s our fenced yard – it’s so amazing that they didn’t hurt a single plant.

I had to get ready for work in the afternoon, but I kept watching from the house.

here’s they’re almost done.

it’s so naked…

…then just a trunk…

and then that was gone, too.  it makes me sad, looking at it.

the bucket guy counted the rings and said it was probably around 150 years old.  pretty old for a lousy silver maple, don’t you think?

this final photo is my favorite, the bucket guy and kevin chatting as the guy sits on a part of the tree.

what I didn’t capture was the huge swaths of brown dirt that was suddenly the back yard.  as I previously wrote, kevin tilled the earth and planted grass seed all over the place the day after this, and then next day it rained two inches.  right now kevin is watering the grass; it seems that he’s been at it for hours.

whew.  i’m getting more used to no tree every day.  maybe we won’t need curtains till next summer, because we’ll want the warmth of the sun to come in the windows.

and that’s about that for today…

ok then,

mrs. September hughes.



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