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by grace on December 26, 2018

on the first week of december kevin told me he’d had a call from the guy at ted’s boatarama where we bought our new pontoon boat during the summer. he said the guy invited us to a holiday dinner, and i said, well, that’s in the quad cities and he said, well, we could spend the night. i asked him many questions – was it just for people who had bought boats there this year, was it a fancy dinner, etc, but he didn’t have any answers for me. cause he’s a guy. and guys rarely ask questions. he did say it was an open bar, which would be nice for me but since he can’t drink it didn’t matter to him.

now, kevin rarely suggests that we go somewhere. he’s been on more trips with his friends than with me this year, but that’s partly because we don’t don’t to leave winnie for too long, even with our expert catsitter bev.

so since kevin suggested it i said ok let’s go! quad cities here we come!

we drove up to davenport on wednesday december 12th and arrived at the fantastic downtown Davenport hotel i’d found on tripadvisor. it’s called The Current Iowa – http://www.thecurrentiowa.com; it was built in 1910 by Daniel Burnham, the man who designed chicago’s waterfront, as well as the Flatiron Building in NYC.

The hotel was both historic and super modern with lots of artwork all over the place.

i loved the cool lights by the side of the bed.

This funny dog wonder woman statue was set in a little alcove in the wall of our room.

Plus there was always hot cocoa with so many toppings in the lobby. i’ve never seen that before.

we got to the hotel in time to check in and look around a bit, then it was off to ted’s. it’s less than 10 minutes from the hotel, and when we got there the parking lot was packed. the event had started at 4:30 and we arrive at about five.

We stepped inside and there was a line from the buffet snaking all the way back to the door, with at least 50 or so people waiting patiently in line. long table were set up in the huge showroom and the place was bustling. most people in line carried beverages and i found coolers with beer and beer-a-rita kinds of drinks, but then realized they had a full bar set up at the service counter. you could get any possible drink you could think of, and i chose wine.

in line in back of us was a nice old couple named bob and dee. he was a cheerful wisecracking kind of guy, and told us that ted’s boatarama has been throwing this shindig for years and years. somebody told me they’d been doing it for at least 20 years, and it’s for anybody who has ever done business with the company. that’s a lot of people, and it seemed that most of them were in attendance. i guessed that 99.9 percent of the crowd were fishermen. they just looked like fishermen, most in ballcaps.

the buffet was fantastic, clearly all homemade, with so many choices including jambalaya that i enjoyed so much that i made it for christmas.

holiday fun with bob & dee!

this shows only about half the space. a nice dog who i remembered from when we bought our boat was wandering from table to table, and somebody had attached a little sign to its color reading “please don’t feed me.” the dog was clearly hoping he’d find somebody who couldn’t or didn’t choose to read the sign.

in addition to all the food and alcohol, they had at least three big tables loaded down with more homemade desserts than i’d seen in one place in a very long time. yes, i went a little crazy over them.

I love their old sign.

you can get an idea of how big the place is. by the time we left at about 6:00, there weren’t quite as many cars, but the place was still jumping. there had been a line out to the door the whole time, but it was slightly shorter by the time we left.

here’s a panorama of our room.

our bathroom mirror had a built-in tv. i’ve never seen thbis before and thought it kind of funny that you could watch tv while getting ready. truly we are spinning out of control with our watching dependancy.

i loved this photo of a wet eagle, although it’s hard to see in this picture because of the reflection from the mirror.

yet another first for me – this is the remote for the bidet!

kevin in the cool lobby the next morning.

one more photo of the hotel – i love an old-timey sign.

and that’s it for this morning – i hope your xmas was shiny and bright! i’m a little relieved that it’s all over and have a bit of desire to pack up all the decorations right this very minute, but i feel unmotivated to do much of anything today…

ok then,

mrs. holiday hughes.

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Christia J Hughes December 26, 2018 at 11:26 am

Oh very posh. Hope you all have a very merry Christmas, love ya, Christia


grace December 27, 2018 at 2:50 pm

love you too! i hope yours was good, christia!


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