taking down the trees

by grace on August 30, 2018

I took many photos and a completely berserk amount of video of the huge team of guys felling our trees.

i’m still pretty sad about the whole thing even thought it was all my idea.

I am grateful that the giant tree won’t smash through the bedroom roof and kill us as we sleep, but…


I’ve been avoiding posting these because I tried to cull down the videos, but more culling needs to be done.

in the meantime, here are a couple of pre-tree-felling photos.

a beautiful night on the lake.

one day I walked out and there was riley, sitting in a plant.  such a funny kitty.

ok, the trees…they had to take down this tall locust in order to get their trucks into the backyard.  I think this tree was maybe only 10 years old?  the dang locusts grow really fast.  it did provide a lot of shade.

it didn’t take long to cut it down.

this first video shows the guy finishing off the first tree, and the huge amount of branches on the lawn.  the guy in the orange shirt is Pete Munds, owner of Munds Enterprises.  I don’t know when this guy ever sleeps – besides dealing with trees, they also do landscaping and siding and all kinds of different stuff.

I think it only took about and hours, and then no more tree.

next time i’ll include a few videos of taking down the other tree, but only a few.

ok then,

mrs. Thursday night hughes.

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