sunday…afternoon already…

by grace on September 5, 2010

it just keeps getting later and later today…i feel like it should still be morning.

kevin has all the parts for his sail board now.  on friday he took this picture of a sailboat, maybe assessing the wind potential.  it was windy, but he didn’t try the sail board that day.

last night was amy’s BIG BIRTHDAY GALA.  thank god it was nothing like randy’s big BG…this one was just the family including AUNT SANDY, and also bev, who is like family except she’s not technically related.

amy says that when she was little she did this same thing; she covered her ears when we sang happy birthday to her.

here is the special cake i made for her.  a yellow cake with white icing, filled with a lemon-curd kind of thing, per her request.  the cute tink candle was my idea.

because she can’t go anywhere empty-handed, even though i TOLD her we’d have gobs of food, bev brought these delicious white-chocolate-covered pretzels plus yummy cookies.

very thoughtful and delicious of her, even though i don’t actually believe in white chocolate as a rule.

i think this is funny because it looks like aunt sandy HATES amy and is VERY VERY MAD that amy is opening a present.  she doesn’t, and she wasn’t, but i still think it’s funny.

numie, noodle and mollie spent the dinner underneath or next to the table, vigilantly keeping watch for stray bits of falling food.  soon they were completely worn out.

here, bev is showing mom and dad her photo album of pictures from a trip out east that she took a few weeks ago.  i didn’t get to see the pictures then, but she stayed at my house later and showed them to me.  they’re FANTASTIC.  they went to newport, and to cape cod, and on the way they stopped at the LONGABERGER BASKET COMPANY.  it’s shaped like a giant basket!  i mean, it’s really extraordinary.  i’ll have to get her to send me the photo she took so i can post it.

jim had never heard of longaberger baskets and i explained that they’re very very expensive and collectible baskets….but just WHY are they so expensive, i wonder?  whatever the reason, they’re obviously rolling in the dough, based on the fancyness of that office building PLUS there’s another HUGE LONGABERGER BASKET sitting in a park somewhere.  when kevin and i go to VA, we might stop by to take a look.

here is beautiful ellie.

yesterday kevin made his maiden attempt at mastering the sail board.  instead of pictures, i shot lots and lots of video.  i have to cut it into a little video presentation very soon.

he’s about to try it again today.

ok then,

sunday grace.

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