summertime, summertime…

by grace on August 6, 2018

when we were out on the boat on july 23rd, we saw this tree that had crashed onto this boathouse.  ouch.  at least it didn’t crash through and destroy the fancy boat moored there.

amy and jim’s dogs love to sunbathe.  I believe they’re on a pad and then a fluffy comforter on top of it, to protect their delicate delicateness.  I love it that Zuri is lying his head on Sadie.  although it could be mincy…

here’s all five of them.  amy said that usually Izzy, the blind one, wanders around in the yard when the others are laying out because she makes them nervous.  but there’s izzy in front, and the others mostly seems relaxed.

mom and I took a great boat ride on july 27th; the weather was so cool that we put on our jackets, and the moon was glorious.  of course I tried to capture its beauty by taking a million photos, and a couple look OK.

I like this one because it’s the moon, the beach house, a boat, the bridge, and mom, all at once.

mom did an excellent job of steering us home.

ok then,

mrs. summer still whooshing by and the fair is about to start hughes.




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