spider walk…back to pere marquette state park

by grace on September 20, 2019

it doesn’t seem like that long ago when we went to pere marquette – but it was in 2011. whew, time flies.

we returned on august 27th, to spend the night and get up the next morning to hike. The lobby is beautiful, and there was not a single person in it when we got there. Actually, we never saw anybody in that lobby while we were there at all, maybe one person walking through.

Ditto the lovely pool.

We had dinner in the lodge then sat outside on the empty deck looking out over the river.

The only maps they had available were grainy black-and-white copies of a color map which made it impossible to see which trail was which. the helpful desk clerk said she always took a picture of this photo, so that’s what I did.

When we arrived at Pere Marquette I felt like I was getting a cold. When we started to hike in the morning, I felt lousy, but I still wanted to hike. So it was very slow going at first.

I peeked up after we had gone a couple of hours. I guess people don’t use these trails very much, because there were so many spiderwebs everywhere. Kevin walked in front and used his hiking stick to try to sweep them away. He was mostly successful.

Midway, we stopped for lunch at a place that was called lovers Leap. That was very funny because there was no overlook, there was definitely no place to Leap, and we think that that sign must’ve been very old.

Our delicious lunch of snack packs of chicken and tuna salad, plus peanut butter packets with crackers.

The night before I had looked for trail maps online. One of them was titled “great running hiking trails. “ As we hiked a particularly rocky path filled with potholes I tried carefully to not fall and said, “who would ever run on these trails? I would kill myself! “ shortly thereafter, two big friendly dogs came running towards us, followed by to a young and fit couple running down the trail. Those are the kind of people that go running on the trails!

we came across this overlook we had seen before. Still beautiful! Still flooded.

It was a great seven mile hike and I’m not sure why we haven’t been back there to go hiking. We will definitely return before another eight years has passed.

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