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by grace on August 24, 2019

today, saturday august 24th, is an amazingly beautiful day. it’s crazy windy, so windy that our friend glenn can’t take his big sailboat out. winds were 15 MPH, now they’re down to 13.

Anyway, august…first, just another beautiful evening boat ride…

mom drove the boat so i was able to sit back and relax.

meanwhile, at the bird feeders…i haven’t seen the raccoons for a few days, but this squirrel has been very busy.

it looks like he’s looking at me, right? maybe he’s just resting up to hang upside down again.

this is one of my favorite photos, as he clung to the very top of the feeder by his back toes.

must be a resting pose.

speaking of…i realized that kevin has been the main person around here to take les for a walk. les hasn’t been a maniac like he used to be, when he’d climb around on the rocks and sprint for the neighbors’ houses. he and kevin just hung out next to the dock.

i took him for a walk a couple of days ago, and the whole time he was mostly just lying down in different spots in the yard. it’s nice that he’s getting a little less wild, but also there’s that niggling feeling in the back of my mind that he’s getting older…

but hopefully he’ll be with us for many, many more years.

ok then,

mrs. contemplative saturday afternoon hughes.

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