post-memorial day activity

by grace on May 29, 2018

it’s a very busy day for me here on the day after memorial.  I have a bit of free time in between working, though.

the not great news is that Winnie had another seizure after I posted that post on the 18th.  he had one that night, and the next night, too.  but then we got him an anti-seizure drug and he’s been ok so far.

it’s a liquid that we could theoretically mix in with his food.

but only in theory.

we mixed it in and he refused to eat it.  he hate it.  a lot.

so I’ve been squirting it in his mouth instead, which he also really, really hates, but at least he doesn’t drool it all out, like he did with the other medicine we gave him; I can’t even remember what exactly that one was for.

twice a day he hates me, but aside from that he’s eating a lot and seems relatively content.  we’ll see.

meanwhile…this is earlier in the month after I finished mulching the side of the fenced yard.  the hostas are at least twice as big by now, plus I’ve transplanted a few more in there.












les and riley, so stinkin’ cute most of the time…























we’ve had quite a few gosling sightings and here are just a few of the cute little things.











the peony by the water looked spectacular, and amy pointed out that dad as well as his dogs shortie and gizmo are buried there.  dad would have been pleased.  he wouldn’t have been so happy with the sickly rose bushes, but I don’t have the talent for roses.











me in my fine Australian hat.  there must be a name for it?  it is perfect for keeping all flying things away, plus it’s quite a fashion statement.  even though I have to work today, it’s good to take a break from working in the yard.  yesterday I was going to do nothing at all but then decided that I really needed to trim the wildly overgrown rose of Sharon in the front yard.  I wish I had a before picture, because maybe it was 15 feet high?  I had to get a ladder to trim the top and then I had to basically shove the ladder into the banches and I clung to them as I wiggled my way up to cut the very highest branches.  after a while I felt a little sick, and it was probably heat exhaustion or whatever.  it took an hour, and by the end I was overly hot and itchy and annoyed by the whole thing.  but at least it’s done now…














that’s all I have time for now, I hope your holiday was festive, or calm and peaceful…and cool…

ok then,

mrs. h.



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