pictures and painting

by grace on December 29, 2011

here are a couple of photos from christmas day, as les paul and chester were curled up together on the bed….

…and winston was enjoying a peaceful moment out on the hot tub, basking in the sunshine.

i still have photos that i haven’t posted from DECEMBER FIFTEENTH, plus many from christmas day and yesterday, but yesterday i started painting the hallway down to the basement and it is a MUCH BIGGER TASK than i thought it’d be because of the deep grooves in the paneling plus all the taping around the windows of the door to the basement plus trying to stick the blue tape to the stair carpeting and the inevitable cleaning up of the paint i spilled on the stairs.

i had to start the whole thing, of course, with wiping down the walls and the ceiling.

i didn’t even start painting till maybe 11:30 yesterday, and worked really hard but didn’t finish.

i’m about to plunge in right now, with only a small amount of taping to do before MORE DAMN PAINTING.  plus it’s always risky painting the stairs because of the ever-present danger of FALLING RIGHT DOWN THEM.

when i was a kid, we had two sets of stairs and i alternated between falling down one or the other.

maybe i should pile a bunch of pillows down at the bottom, so as not to hit the concrete and kill myself this morning.

ok then,

mrs. very busy holiday hughes.

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