one more thing in september, which was so long ago already…

by grace on November 1, 2017

whew, how is it that we’re so close to the end of the year?  how did that happen?  meanwhile, i realized i hadn’t posted all of my photos from september and was not going to do so, but mom and i went to a girl scout fundraiser which was cool so i had to show you this stuff, mostly old cars.

but first…mmm, the signature cocktail was some minty chocolatey thing involving creme de menthe, bailey’s, maybe chocolate vodka?  i can’t remember, i just know it was delicious, plus there was a swirl of chocolate syrup in the bottom of the glass!  this drink was free all night, but i can’t imagine a person drinking more than one.   the food was good, too.


we both thought it was clever that you could also have a champagne glass full of mashed potatoes.  there was a mashed potato bar with all kinds of toppings.

since it was a girl scout fundraiser, they featured a bunch of desserts concocted with different girl scout cookies.  and of course i had to try them all…

you know i’m a sweets addict, but it was too much for me.  but i’m glad i tried them all, because i wouldn’t have found the delicious little lemon things made with shortbread cookies.  normally chocolate wins hands-down in my book, but the lemon tars were to die for.

the event was held in the Levi Ray & Shoup hanger at the airport, and if i’d done any research beforehand i’m kind of confident i could have persuaded kevin to join us.  dick levi, one of the LRS owners, has an astounding collection of cars.  i don’t know if the ones in the hanger are the only ones he has, but i feel he must have at least a few in his own garage.  i envision his garage being big enough to hold three…five…ten? cars.

you can’t just go and see these cars; you have to have an invitation.  This is a 2008 789 Chevy.

a phone booth!  don’t see those every day.  or ever.

a separate room held many, many motorcycles.

a 1957 corvette convertible – i found it amusing that there were a few cars from the year of kevin’s birth.

I decided to take photos of the signs, in case you wanted to read about the hp and ci and other car stuff.





this little thing was very funny.


and this is only a selection of the many cars displayed.  amazing, to have this mulit-millionaire with this incredible collection right here in springfield.

ok then,

mrs. are you kidding me? it’s the first day of november hughes.


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kev November 2, 2017 at 6:56 am

YES! I would have gone along to see the cars!!!! WOW! and YES! 1957 was a great year! Great cars, the Mackinac Bridge opened, Harley-Davidson Sportster introduced, the Les Paul guitar was first released with Humbucking Pickups, Elvis Presley purchased Graceland, the Frisbee is sold for the first time, American Bandstand airs for the first time, 1st satellite, Sputnik 1 is put into orbit, first use of portable speed radar units by police …. and ME! 🙂


kev November 2, 2017 at 7:19 am

Forgot to mention… Also from 1957 – Bubblewrap was invented and sold for the first time… as WALLPAPER!

Sunspots caused people in UK to hear an American police officer saying “Joe, I’m gonna grab a quick coffee” during the Queen’s first televised Christmas Message in 1957. (We always called it “skip” and I would get skip from some police department in Georgia (I think) in the summertime).

The director of the Detroit Public Library banned The Wizard of Oz for having “no value for children of today,” for supporting “negativism”


grace November 4, 2017 at 9:55 am

i want to see a house papered in wallpaper! wow, thanks for all your intense research there! and i am amazed that you’d have actually gone to a fundraiser…i must find out if there are any fundraisers coming up in the hanger.


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