one door on thursday, plus an incredibly random set of May pictures.

by grace on June 23, 2017

i haven’t even started trying to find any truly spectacular doors here in springfield, IL, because i fear that there aren’t many.  we certainly don’t have the beautiful old doors posted from around the world on norm’s thursday doors.

but i did think this door inside a thai restaurant it pretty cool.

and now, for the randomness – here’s one more photo from las vegas.  this is near one of the exits at the MGM – all the casinos are complex labyrinths so you are lucky if you’re able to get out.

i bought this lovely hibiscus in may and it just keeps blooming!

my birthday, may 24th, at yet another asian restaurant.

can you see the turtles all lined up on that log?  this was during a run through the woods.

right after i saw the turtles i headed up the hill…and there was this deer.  i couldn’t believe it was so close, and i’m sure it was thinking the same thing.

a beautiful night out on the boat.

we could see the rain in the distance.

i’m trying to improve my panorama photo skills.  this one isn’t too bad; i’ve already done tons of work to the fenced yard this year, including transplanting all the lilies that had been deer fodder all around other parts of the yard.  i also dug up the hostas that i’d already transplanted a couple of times, and planted them over there on the far right.  i still have a little work to do, but it looks so much better than it did..

finally, my very last photo of may, darling lester.  he’s resting up here, ready to stalk more birds and animals.

whew, finally, that’s it for may, as the end of june looms.

the weekend weather is going to be perfect, so i’ll be outside again, trying to finish up many more projects that have been languishing.

ok then,

mrs. late for a thursday doors posting friday morning hughes.

This posting  is part of Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors.  If you’d like to see the vast array of doors that people from around the world are posting, or if you want to post your own photos of doors, click  here.   




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Tom.Audrey.Emma June 23, 2017 at 10:57 am

Great photos. Its nice seeing you all smiling.


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