ok, it’s really, really time to stop

by grace on December 21, 2017

decorating.  i must stop.  now.  we are all decorated up around here; it was an exhausting weekend, and i still have a few more things i’d like to put up but it’s not necessary.

i even put up a bunch of outside lights and decor on saturday because it was a beautiful, fairly warm and sunny day.

if it was up to kevin, we probably wouldn’t have any decorations.

i asked him if he’d put up anything if i wasn’t here and he said, “probably not.”

and then i asked, “you’re ok with the decorations, right?”

and then he said…

“yeah, it doesn’t make me angry to look at the christmas tree.”

i doubled up laughing, and i really don’t laugh very much.  he’s NOT ANGRY AT THE TREE.

who would ever get angry at a christmas tree?

meanwhile, i’m sitting on the couch now surrounded by my festive lights, happy that this is the shortest day of the year so we can move on toward more lightness.

it’s been so mild, too, thus far, which has been fantastic.  cold weather is coming, but maybe it won’t snow so much this year.  today mom said “maybe it won’t snow at all,” but mom is just about the most optimistic person i know, at least weather-wise.

i’m going to put away the decorations i haven’t put up.  probably.

i’m going to wind down the cookie-baking, too.  this year i’ve made fewer cookies than ever before, because nobody really needs a bunch of delicious cookies.

kevin bought me this adorable Olaf with two baby snowmen at the beginning of the month.  so cute!

ok then,

mrs. getting through the holidays hughes.


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kev December 24, 2017 at 4:23 pm

Just for the record… it is Christmas Eve afternoon and you are in the midst of baking more cookies!!! And I’m still not angry at the Christmas tree either! xxooxx


grace December 25, 2017 at 9:10 am

merry christmas! it’s christmas morning and now i’m pretty sure i’m done decorating. and i just have to finish the gingerbread cookies, and we’ll be all set!


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