NYC Day Two

by grace on February 4, 2023

Wednesday January 18th – I’d been obsessively looking at the weather (I actually always obsessively check the weather) and knew it was going to rain on Thursday, our last full day in New York, so I wanted to cram as much outside stuff as possible into Wednesday.

Our first stop was the Astro Cafe, a little restaurant at other end of 6th Avenue and across the street from the Warwick. We’d breakfasted there back in 2009 and I was happy to see that it was still open and thriving.

I’d forgotten that the portions of everything were huge, but it was a deliciously late start to our morning.

We took the subway down to Battery Park.

Randy had said he wanted to see the Statue of Liberty and I thought that meant he wanted to look at it from across the water, but he wanted to see it up close. That’s something I’d never done, so we boarded the ferry and headed over. It was very windy out on the water.

And it was awesome to see her as we got closer…

Just about all the other tourists were from other countries and everybody was taking selfies and I offered to take a photo for a couple and then they did it for us.

Manhattan across the water…

There was also an interesting museum where we could have spent a lot of time, but this was definitely the coolest thing. It’s the original light,

This is the info on the torch.

There in the background is a full-scale replica of Liberty’s face.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of her from the back, so here’s one.

We easily could have lingered on the island but I wanted to see more things so we didn’t. On the ferry back I kept seeing people wearing stocking caps that said Statue of Liberty on them and wished I’d bought one, but on the other hand I already have too many stocking caps that I don’t even wear.

I’m so glad that Randy wanted to visit the statue because I don’t know if I’d have ever done it on my own. A good time was had by all.

Ok then,

Mrs. February H.

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