by grace on December 18, 2022

I’ve never felt as happy about a negative test result. Yesterday morning when I decided to test myself I was pretty sure I was still positive so it was awesome to see that I wasn’t.

Kevin started feeling crummy on Monday evening, tested positive on Tuesday morning, and spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get Paxlovid. Every doctor is different about giving it out and Kevin had to have a video call with his new doctor before they’d give it to him and the doctor wasn’t free til Friday! I was outraged and finally called the doctor’s office and told them that this wouldn’t do. Within minutes they called him back and changed the video conference to Wednesday.

I didn’t need any of that to get the drug; I just called my doctor’s office on Saturday and the on-call doc prescribed it and that was that. I was especially annoyed about Kevin’s doctor because of Kevin’s diabetes, of course.

When he called in the prescription, the Walgreens was out. Clearly, everybody is getting Covid around here. But they had it at other Walgreens and finally, he got it.

And he’s been doing pretty well, better every day, and he never developed the violent cough that I got. Plus his eye is improving nicely; this morning he had me hold up fingers in front of him a few feet away so he could see if he could see them. He hadn’t been able to at all before his operation and hadn’t been able to see well enough til today. He can even tell how many fingers I’m holding up from about six feet away or so, fantastic.

He also has this little air bubble which was pretty big and right in the middle of his eye but it kept getting smaller and moving down and today it’s gone. So yay for all of that!

Meanwhile…I have suddenly become a terrible cook. Yesterday I thought about how long I’ve been cooking, and it’s been almost 50 years.

But after Thanksgiving I decided to make turkey stock out of the turkey carcass. I’ve never tried this before. It was a 13 LB turkey and we didn’t eat a huge amount of it and I managed to stuff the turkey frame and lots of other pieces into the pot.

The process took hours of simmering and I was hopeful that it’d produce enough broth for quite a while.

When I finished I put it into a big leftover container and stuck it in the fridge.

The next morning I opened it and realized that almost the entire contents was just fat. I separated it into two containers; the one on the left holds eleven cups and is fat fat fat and nothing but fat. The other dinky container held the paltry amount of broth.

So, big soup fail. I carried the bowl-o-fat down by the water and I’m sure some raccoons were happy to slurp it down, or maybe the mink.

I’ve been thinking about lentil soup for a while and finally decided to make it a couple of days ago. I hadn’t felt up to doing much of anything and when I finally had the energy to make it, I figured it wasn’t a big deal, not many ingredients, and It’d be warm and delicious.

I decided to double the amount of lentils so I added more and more broth but maybe I didn’t double everything else like the onions. I mean, I definitely didn’t double the onions. But still, I hoped it’d be good. I’d read an online recipe for chicken soup with kale and decided that would make it even more healthy, and added quite a bit.

Once again, massive fail. It tasted kind of like nothing, and also the texture was bad and, just…a failure. Kevin even admitted “this wasn’t your best soup” and when I suggested we dump it down by the lake he readily agreed.

All I’d been making lately, soup-wise, is chili. I’m not a huge fan of chili but Kevin likes it, and I feel that’s what I’m going to have to make again. I do have a recipe that I’ve made before, it’s an African peanut pumpkin soup, maybe I’ll try that…

Maybe the Covid has depleted my soup-making abilities. I know there are many different symptoms but I haven’t read about that one yet, but you never know.

Meanwhile…Christmas is coming right up, FYI.

Ok then,

Mrs. Post-Covid Hughes.

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Robert and Darla Dugger December 26, 2022 at 10:17 am

We read your site often… sorry to hear about your recent problems… winter seems to be especially hard the older we get. I am 73 and still kicking the cans. Glad your family is ok. I grew up in Springfield (1954-74) but settled here in Carbondale after attending SIU. Keep warm and healthy to one and all… Merry Christmas!


grace December 28, 2022 at 12:59 pm

Thanks so much, I hope you had a lovely Christmas! Many, many things have happened since that last post and I hope to have the energy to write again soon. Whew. Is all I have to say about much of 2022.


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