my birthday, mostly involving cake…

by grace on June 30, 2020

kevin has been making homemade cards for me for many years. this one is awesome, cleverly made from a file folder…

…plus all this stuff pasted to the inside!

so, my first social-distancing birthday. my friend julie called to tell me she’d left something in my mailbox. a dozen huge “small cakes,” and two are still left in my freezer. each giant “small” cupcake weighs about a pound and are so delicious…

and then, my friend randy called to say he was leaving something on my porch…and entire double chocolate cake! the entire thing is still in my freezer, because…

amy made me two dozen car bomb cupcakes! of course they have benn renamed to something like “irish whiskey, baileys and guinness cupcakes, because car bomb is not a friendly word. but the cupcakes…so delicious, with buttercream frosting made with baileys and the moist cupcakes filled with chocolate ganache.

i have a few of them left in the freezer but DON’T TELL MOM because she’ll be wanting to eat them and i’m saving them.

the funny thing is that amy called me on my birthday to ask where my frosting tips were. i thought this an odd request and figured she must be doing something crazy with cake decorations, which she’s never done before. she told me that she’d asked kevin to find my frosting tips, but he couldn’t.

later kevin told me that he’d looked everywhere, but of course, how could he know that i have a box full of cake-decorating supplies sitting on the floor of my pantry? he’s not good with things way down low, but now he knows where the supplies are if it ever happens again.

amy told me later that she was sure that i’d guess what she was making, but i assured her that they were a complete and completely delicious surprise.

an especially big surprise because she’d also spent days making me a mouthwatering indian feast. saage paneer plus other delicious things, and she’d gone to the indian grocery store where they had really great naan and some appetizers i’d never had.

although i missed having friends over for the celebration, it was a lovely time.

my other big surprise was that everybody chipped in and bought me an apple watch. i wasn’t sure if i wanted such an extravagant gift, but i quickly realized that it was awesome.

i wore it running on the 27th, three days after my birthday, and then mom and i were about to go walking and while in the UIS parking lot i took off the protective cover to wipe away the sweat under it and took off the watch…and promptly dropped and shattered it on the ground.

bad, so bad. i felt worse because they’d bought me such a thoughtful gift. amy quickly looked it up online and found that it would not be worth it to have it fixed and they hadn’t bought insurance for it.

after about a week or two i decided i wanted another one, and i have it now, with insurance, and i only take it off when they’re a cushion under it.


ok then,


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