more photos of june

by grace on June 30, 2016

i was walking down to the water late in the day when i’d spotted the fawn.  it was still curled up, and didn’t move even though i got pretty darn close.


paradise.  every day i think about how lucky i am to get to be here.


chester and les don’t think about it, they just enjoy it.  especially the catamaran.



this gaggle of geese were swimming toward the shore as les and i strolled around, followed by chester.


they were going to climb up on the old dock, but when they saw us they decided to move on.


les is always interested in what’s happening out on the water, trying to figure out how to get out there.


my darling neighbor bernice bought me these stunning flowers for my play.  she’s such a sweet person!


mom and i joined kevin for the first flag-lowering ceremony at lincoln’s tomb on tuesday, june 7th.  the weather was perfect.  kevin is there in the middle of the three guys in the foreground.


mom and i wore our almost-identical shoes.  normally this would bug me, but the kind of people who go to the tomb ceremony probably aren’t ones who would ever notice.  it’s mostly tourists dressed in shorts and sandals.


somehow i caught this image at just the right time.


and that’s more of my june.  i realize that a lot of june was taken up with the play, and even though i had a good time, i haven’t missed it one little bit.

ok then,

still mrs. last day of june hughes.

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