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by grace on July 6, 2018

it’s been a windy summer so far.  hot, humid, windy.  this poor smoke tree cracked in the wind.

and this tree out in the circle also came down.  windy.

our friends glenn & Julie bought me this captain’s hat, and I like that it has bows on top.  I can’t actually wear it on the boat because it’d get blown into the water, but i’d like to wear it quite a bit.  maybe to parties!

we’ve already been over to the other side of the lake a few times; the lake is really big.  this is on the other side of the I-55 bridges, and the clouds were lovely.

I haven’t seen any cool floaty things like this on our side of the lake.

we went past the marina, and there were three skiiers!  isn’t that something?  it’s like a water show!  I wanted to keep going past the marina to see how far south it went but there were also some people on stand-up paddle boards and others kayaking and I didn’t want to bother them.

the other day kevin left the closet open and up lester climbed.

he was so comfortable up there that he took a little nap.  looks comfortable, doesn’t it?

this morning I wish i’d had my camera, because when I was sitting with riley in the fenced yard a deer came walking by, eating leaves as it went.  riley ran to the fence to watch it, and the deer came around to the side of fence.  it was only maybe ten fee away.  the deer finally looked over and saw me…and then she saw riley.  riley was going a little crazy, not making any noise that I could discern, but he was agitated.  the deer walked right over to him, just on the other side of the fence, and she kept stomping her foot, I guess to scare him.  then there was a noise, and I realized it was coming from the deer, kind of a snort like a horse would make.  she did that a few times, more stomping, and riley kept acting like he’d like to get at her.

finally she got scared and ran off.  riley walked up to the deck and laid down on the floor next to me, content that he’d saved me from the wild deer.

ok then,

mrs. july 5th hughes.



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