More in the water in October…

by grace on November 28, 2022

We took my boat out of the water on October 29th and there were many white pelicans lined up on the seawall at the beach house.

Ha ha, taking my boat out has never before seemed like such a breeze. Motoring over, simple. Steering it up to the trailer, no problem. Because of the craziness of motoring Kevin’s sailboat with the falling-off motor and swerving all around and panicking, all the pontoon boat stuff was pretty effortless.

Of course Kevin is the one who had to back up the truck and do the hard stuff, but at least it wasn’t like the sailboat escapade. I felt a little sad getting the boat out, as I do every year, especially because it seems like it was way too hot or there was something going on with me, so we didn’t go out as much. But it was OK, and there’s always next year, plus it feels good that the boats are safely on shore for winter.

Here are the pelicans when I was out at the dock in the early evening on Halloween

The fallen oak tree is losing its leaves and we probably won’t hardly see it in the spring.

A lone white pelican!

And that wraps up October, as December looms. I’ve taken advantage of the nice weather and got all my outdoor Xmas decorations up so I feel good about that anyway.

Ok then,

Mrs. H.

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