more geese…

by grace on January 29, 2020

On January 22nd it was still gray but not nearly as cold so i took some more photos of the geese.

You can see that they weren’t too bothered by me since this whole group was sleeping. i love it when they’re asleep with one leg tucked up.

i like this one because there’s so much going on. even though most are milling about, the bird down front is napping, as the one directly in back of him is marching away.

and then some geese flew in, as those four geese way in the background stayed where they were.

they usually kind of slide when they touch down.

we forgot about the bubbler but then kevin put it in and it works great.

yes, lots of geese. when i start taking pictures of them i find them so fascinating because they’re constantly moving, so i take way too many photos.

on the sunday the 26th the sun came out and it was glorious so i took even more picture. i mean a crazy amount, so i guess it’ll take me a bit of time to pick and choose.

meanwhile, it’s gray here yet again.

ok then,

mrs. waiting patiently for spring hughes.

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