More fun in Davenport

by grace on December 30, 2018

After breakfast at the lovely Current Iowa hotel, we walked down the block to a shop called Chocolate Manor. we’ve been in the Quad Cities a few times and i’ve always looked up things to do and Chocolate Manor always beckoned me, but there was never time to check it out, or it was closed.

i was very happy for the chance to finally stop in.

we got a small selection of chocolates and savored each one when we got back home. they were scrumptious. kevin had a nice chat with the owner, a woman who had grown up in sterling so they talked about various sterling-related things. kevin was very sociable on this trip. good for kevin!

we went back to the hotel and wanted to check out the rooftop bar. a helpful woman at the desk took us up to the roof, where there was a lovely inside bar and also a big outdoor patio, which would be great in the summer.

even though the weather was brisk it was a good view.

we stopped by the Vander Veer Botanical Park, another place i’d wanted to visit previously. in the winter there’s no reason to linger outside but we went into the greenhouse and admired the plants.

this was an interesting plant, something we’d never seen.

there was a small Koi pond and i thought this turtle was lying there in a very funny way.

the second turtle coming up for air.

now that’s a giant elephant plant. amy grows at least one of these, but i don’t think hers is quite as gigantic.

there weren’t a huge amount of plants in the place, but it was fun to be in such a warm and humid environment. makes me think about sure was nice to escape there last winter.

and that’s it for our exciting mini-vacation in the quad cities. now that the year is almost over i must do what i can to hurry up and post the rest of the photos of this year.

but i sure would like to take all the decorations down today. enough is enough!

ok then,

mrs. sunday morning hughes.

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