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by grace on October 17, 2020

now that it’s the ides of october…

i finished painting the front porch and i realize i didn’t take a photo. i’ll have to do that sometime.

in september i also decided to tackle cleaning the walls of the screened porch. they walls are siding, and i don’t know if they’ve ever been cleaned but i thought it wouldn’t be such a big job, just a little windex to wipe them down.

kevin got out a ladder to make the job easier for me and i swiped at the ceiling, which has been covered in black spots and lines and a few years ago i tried cleaning them but i determined that they couldn’t be cleaned.

i was wrong. it did take some time, but i managed to get every last spot clean. here’s what it looked like on sept 21st.

i think i spent six days cleaning that room. that’s what happens when something has never, ever been cleaned.

i don’t have a photo of the finished room, now that i think about it. there are still a few piles of things in there but who knows when i’ll get to them. at least that’s probably the only time i’ll have to clean that ceiling again. i mean, mom and dad built this part of the house in 1985, so that’s 35 years of not cleaning, so i’m confident we’ll hve moved away before it might need to be done again.

Lester and Riley don’t care if the room is clean or dirty.

i was going to move this mirror because i thought it might be uncomfortable for les, but then i realized that of course he enjoys lying up against something that would seem uncomfortable to anybody else.

Les and riley enjoying a sunbeam…

this ended up in les giving riley a bath…

…which ended up in somebody biting somebody else…

and that’s about it on this very very windy saturday late afternoon in october.

ok then,

mrs. h.

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