More August Fun

by grace on September 7, 2021

On Aug. 16th Kevin removed the very old deck off the bedroom and is in the process of replacing it with concrete tiles.

Riley has been excited about it ever since. He finds it a fascinating place to sniff and creep around in.

Kevin unearthed this giant slab, part of the old patio off the back door. Riley loves it all.

Here’s Kevin hard at work tilling it up. Riley wasn’t so keen on that.

The next day I went for my very first walk through the field by myself since my knee surgery; I’d taken a couple of short walks with mom, but on my own I went a little faster and further and was delighted to see the field for the first time this summer. I hadn’t even known if it was planted in corn or beans until I asked Jim.


I walked to the other side of the old part of the woods trail and found it a little bit…overgrown.

Lots of scrambling and struggling to get over/under mighty big fallen trees. Clearly they haven’t done any maintenance on the trail for quite a while.

I finally made it out of the woods and a couple of deer were interested to see what I was doing.

I headed into the new trail in the woods, assuming that maybe it’d be a little better maintained. It was, until I encountered all of this.

The tree on the ground was more massive than any in the old woods and it took some effort to get over it.

I can see parts of the new wooded path from the road and it all looks completely overgrown. Maybe they’re just abandoning it for good? Starting in mid-October they’re going to allow bow hunting for deer in different woods around the lake and we’re pretty sure that our own private path across the road is going to be one of the designated places. Kind of scary, but I’m wondering if they’ll clean up the trails for the hunters? It’ll only be maybe one weekend at a time, only a few times of the year, or maybe one week each time? There certainly are way to many deer in the woods everywhere but I don’t want to get pierced with an arrow.

It’s always something…

Ok then,

Mrs. September Marching Right Along Hughes.

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