Moon Rising in September

by grace on October 14, 2021

Whew. It was rainy and relatively mild this morning so I spent a half hour digging up more little chameleon plants that have sprouted up because we’ve been having lots of rain. It was nice to not have to worry about the sun or mosquitoes.

I took a half-hour lunch break and went back out and suddenly there were a million billion mosquitoes chomping on my exposed arms and shins. I kept going because there weren’t that many weeds and I wanted to complete the task. I should have taken 10 minutes to go inside and cover myself with bug spray, but instead I kept going.

I did get it done, yay for me. Well, I got this batch of them dug up, I know the soil is infiltrated with millions of little rhizomes waiting to grow and shoot up.

Meanwhile…here’s another night in September sitting down on the dock with Spot, Sept. 27th. At first there was just this tiny glow above the tree line and I thought, “what’s that???” But I quickly realized that duhe, it’s the moon. Obviously the moon comes up in different places but I didn’t expect it to come up right here. Also, we were out later than usual – this was at about 11:00 at night.

I thought it was quite beautiful, and of course Spot was in heaven, hoping that we’d just live here on the dock.

I had hoped this was all the photos from September but there are just a very few more, as October marches right along…

ok then,

Mrs. Sitting Around for a Minute Hughes.

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