THE WEEKEND!  i don’t know why, especially since all weekend long i mostly did just a huge, huge amount of absolutely nothing.

when i woke up i’d been having a very long dream; we were going on a big trip and dad was there, and we were packing and packing.

yesterday morning i didn’t feel like getting up, certainly didn’t feel like going to amy’s early early classes, but it was one of her student’s birthday, and i texted amy that i’d carry in the little cupcakes that she’d baked the night before.  so nice of her!  i really REALLY didn’t wanna go, and it’s not like i had to BRING them, i just had to carry them from the back room to the exercise room, but it was enough motivation to get me out the door.

i was pretty lackadaisical about the whole thing, but then this song came on and one of the lyrics was:

Every day above ground is a great day


here are a bunch of the lyrics to the song; i wasn’t paying enough attention to them, but a lot of them are true.  who knew, pit bull is very philosophical.  i know exactly not one little iota about the man, but i have to say i was moved.  i don’t really agree with the pouring, rolling, throwing up part, especially not the throwing up, but the rest of it, very good.

Everybody going through something
(Everybody going through something)
I said, everybody going through something
(Everybody going through something)
So you might as well you roll it up
Pour it up, drink it up, throw it up tonight
I said, everybody going through something
(Everybody going through something)
Said, everybody going through something
(Everybody going through something)
So you might as well you roll it up
Pour it up, drink it up, throw it up tonight

This for anybody going through tough times
Believe me, been there, done that
But everyday above ground is a great day, remember that

I knew my rent was gon’ be late about a week ago
I worked my ass off, but I still can’t pay it though
But I just got just enough
To get up in this club
Have me a good time, before my time is up
Hey, let’s get it now

Ooh I want the time of my life
Oh baby
Ooh give me the time of my life
Let’s get it now


and i think a lot of the song is about how he wants to have sex with some girl, but still, so much good message in there.

and of course amy played the song in her class, and now i spent 5 minutes looking him up, and he also did the very fun song “fireball,” which we danced to in amy’s class a while ago, probably when it first came out, because she’s always on the CUTTING EDGE.

as opposed to me.  i’m not even near any edge whatsoever.

but ok then, now today i have one million things to get done, all the stuff i was planning to do over the weekend, plus massages, etc etc.

the thing that kept rolling around in my brain all weekend was, how am i going to be able to do this latest talk about women and stress again?  it would be ridiculous to only do it once.  i haven’t come up with a solution yet, but hopefully something will come to me.

here’s me, on thursday before i started getting ready.

here we are at the dove conference center.  it was good that randy came with us, except that during the drive there, randy and kevin kept CHATTERING and i was trying to think about what i was going to say and i just wanted to tell them to JUST SHUT UP ALREADY.  but i didn’t.  kevin is wearing bunny ears cause they had all kinds of stuff like that on the tables so people could put them on and take pictures.

here’s a table with fancy desserts.

plus they had fancy fruit-infused water, besides the wine.

mmmm.  actually, the little toasts with some kind of yummy cheese spread was maybe my favorite thing.  and that tall thing is a bread pudding.  i had a little plate of desserts up on the stage and i carried it off when i was done, and then i SPILLED the bread pudding and it SPLATTERED all over the floor, i mean all over, a huge, huge mess.  they don’t call me grace for nothing.

the big screen was fabulous!  plus two little screens there on the sides!  very, very cool setup, i want that again.

this is right before i had to rush onto the stage, after rushing around like a crazy person getting ready.

wanda sent me this photo; surely, surely there’s another one out there somewhere?

i did manage to take poor les for a walk a few times this weekend.  chester was always with us, and he loves to sit on the swing with no cushions.

soooo darling, but that’s just who he is…

ok, almost time to leap up and go go go!

i hope your monday is a good one.

mrs. g. hughes.