monday, happy veterans’ day…

by grace on November 12, 2012

kevin was going to march in the veterans’ day parade yesterday, but he was too sore from his hunting expedition on saturday. he and mollie headed out to site M very eary, because he’s won the lottery to shoot pheasant, quail and bunnies.

they didn’t even see any of the above, but before they left the house mollie jingled merrily into the bedroom to say good-bye to me. she sounded like a zumba dog; amy now wears zumba bracelets with bells all down her arm, and mollie would fit right in with the zumba. bev commented that this might not make mollie the best hunting dog, because of alerting potential prey with all her jingling, which i thought was a good point. but maybe it was all just about keeping mollie from getting hit by another hunter. she also wore a bright orange vest.

here she is, a really happy hunting dog on her way there.

and here she is, busily sniffing like crazy.  kevin said she pretty much vigorously sniffed the entire time.  what a happy dog!

this is one of the field where they walked; it looks just like some of the places where we’ve hiked.  kevin said that they also climbed really steep hills, so steep that he had to push mollie up the last little bit…that must have been really steep, because i’ve never known her to need any help, hill-climbing wise.  since kevin was so sore from the hills, i wonder if mollie was, too?

by the time they got back to the parking lot mollie continued her furious sniffing.

meanwhile, i went for a short run all by myself, and when i got back home i spent some quality time down on the dock with winnie.  i keep feeling so bad for the little guy because he’s constantly harassed by chester when he’s inside.  i wish there was a magical cure to make the kitties all get along.

the other day, a bunch of white pelicans were out on the water.  this is much earlier than i’ve usually seen them, plus they were very close to our shore and seemed to be coming right up to the dock.

and that’s my pictorial essay for the day.

ok then,

mrs. monday morning hughes.

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