by grace on July 17, 2019

i forgot to jump in the lake in june. maybe it’s because i haven’t been running as much, haven’t felt the need to jump into the refreshing waters?

but i’ve been working outside so much, i could have jumped in.

i finally took the plunge one day last week and it was delightful and i promised myself i’d keep doing that all summer long.

the next day i jumped in again…and the water was like warm bath water.

oh well.

meanwhile…riley spends so much time trying to relax…

a racoon mother and her four children have been appearing on our deck every night, sometimes really early.

yeah, they’re destructive and everything, but so cute.

and that’s it for right now, on this sweltering july afternoon( 93 degrees and feels like 104).

ok then,

mrs. hot hughes

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