maybe the hottest day for a while?

by grace on July 21, 2019

enough with the ridiculously high heat indexes already. i spent a lovely, air-conditioned afternoon seeing the phenomenal show”hairspray” at the Legacy Theatre. I love the show, and the production was truly outstanding.

meanwhile…life continues to be packed with excitement around here. just the other day i was trying to instruct mom on how to take a selfie; she’d been to a cardinals baseball game where they were giving away straw hats and i wanted to see what they looked like.

here’s the demo i took for her, trying to explain as i took this shot.

i thought my instructions had been specific but she quickly sent me this.

true, it was a fine photo of the hat but she took it front of the mirror. once again i explained about the little arrows on the camera in the lower edge of the screen, and soon she sent back this.

yay for mom, figuring out the selfie! and what a cool hat, right? plus much more sun protection than a baseball cap. it was still sweltering there at the ball park, but at least she looked good.

and that’s it for this sultry sunday evening.

ok then,

mrs. almost the end of the july hughes.

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