may, in the middle of summer…

by grace on May 14, 2018

I kept saying that it’d probably go from really cold around here to incredibly hot.  and unfortunately I was right.  right now as I sit here in the air conditioning, it’s 90 degrees outside.  c’mon.

so far may has mostly been a continuing flurry of outdoor work but I might not do any today.  i’d hoped to start power-washing the deck but I think i’m too exhausted by all the raking and weeding yesterday.

next door, jim seems to be cutting down all the honeysuckle trees growing down by the water.  as I worked in the side yard between the houses yesterday he kept dragging what looked like entire big trees past me to the brush pile in the circle.

here’s a summary of the month thus far:

first, kevin was out of town and he borrowed my van, so I drove the BIG TRUCK.  it was a little bit fun but also I kept fearing that i’d scrape against the cars on either side of me.  I also noticed that there were many other much smaller trucks driving around, and felt very smug about that.  I did constrain myself and didn’t drive anybody off the road.












one night I went off to the movies and dinner with a friend and when I got back, kevin had taken riley to the emergency vet.  his left from paw was swollen to twice the size of the right and he was limping.  it wasn’t broken, and the vet though it might just be a sprain.  the vet gave riley painkillers, and when I got home riley was obviously enjoying them because he leapt off the back of the couch.  not good.  we didn’t give him any of the painkillers they sent us home with, and he did lie around quite a bit the next day but was soon back to leaping and jumping.

kevin bought a new big plasic tube to replace the huge one that had been in the fenced yard, and he buried it.  it looks much nicer back there now except for the prison fencing.

this was may 3rd, and the hostas and now huge.  plus I decided to transplant a few more of them because there’s always something that I feel needs to be dug up.

turtles sunning as I ran.  there had been more of them and by the time I got a little closer they’d all plopped into the water.  turtles are about the shyest creatures when you want to get a photo.

riley, living the life of riley again.

one of amy and jim’s Italian greyhounds is having some issues and they took him to the vet in champaign, so kevin and I took turns dogsitting the other four.  here’s kevin first-ever selfie.

when it was my turn I found that it’s not easy to get a picture with all four dogs in it.

I planted quite a few bleeding hearts last year and this one looks good.

ok then.

mrs. what happened to spring hughes.





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Kev May 18, 2018 at 5:13 am

Yeah, baby…! A truckin’ gal!!!!! WooHoo!!!


grace May 18, 2018 at 12:50 pm



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